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Dani Apple

Calling all kids! It's that time of year.

We're not in person, but T&V Zoom Camp is here!

We'll scavenge, we'll dance, we'll craft, we'll escape.

And when it's all over...summer is just taking shape.

Why would we stop, it would be such a bummer?

So we'll continue, through the end of the summer!

Rachel Ariel Brown

                              T&V Zoom Camp

T&V Zoom Camp offers games and ways for our children to have fun together every day of the week! From Tot Shabbat and Harry Potter escape rooms; to scavenger hunts and Broadway choreography, join us for summer fun for all ages (with a Jewish twist)! We're even offering private and small group Hebrew lessons and games.  

Sign up NOW for our July Session, beginning July 6th! 


How do I sign up?  Click HERE to register.  Each class is offered as its own package, which makes it easy for families to design their own schedules based on individual needs and interests.  For the schedule of offerings, please see the calendar below the FAQ section. 

What is the cost? Packages are $60 each, for a series of 4 classes.  Private Hebew tutoring and games can be purchased in packages of 4 ($120), 8 ($230), 12 ($340), or 16 ($450). Tot Shabbat with Jody is available at no cost, but we ask that you please register here or email to sign up. 

Are we holding T&V Zoom Camp all summer?  Yes. TWO one month-long sessions will take place, one beginning in July, the other in August. August registration will open soon, after we've heard feedback from participants about offerings and schedules. 

Can I sign up for Hebrew? Yes! Private and small-group Hebrew lessons are available as an ongoing enhancement to our summer program. Families may choose from packages of 4 ($120), 8 ($230), 12 ($340), or 16 ($450) sessions.  Each session will be around 25 minutes, and will be coordinated separately between the family and either Dani or Rachel. 

Who are the educators? Dani Apple and Rachel Ariel Brown, both experienced and beloved educators in our Hebrew School. Together, they envisioned and created this program and look forward to engaging with your children this summer.  As an additional special treat, Jody Prusan will be leading Tot Shabbat on Fridays in July at no cost. 

Do I need to be a member to register? Not at all. Everyone is welcome to join us! But, members, please be sure you're logged in while filling out the registration form. 

Great! But I still have questions, or I want to submit feedback. Wonderful, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us, Leslie Azose and Shelli Aderman - Youth & Family Facilitators and T&V parents - at

Our goal - and that of the board and clergy - is to maintain, strengthen, or create your place and connection with the Town & Village Synagogue community over the summer, and beyond. If you have ideas, want to be involved, or just want to chat, please be in touch. 

We are excited you're here with us. Welcome! 

Below are descriptions of some classes we are offering.  Please note, specific sessions may have different content, and escape rooms will switch themes each week. Please be in touch with questions. 

Harry Potter Virtual Adventure

Welcome Hogwarts students! In the spirit of Magical-Muggle camaraderie, we will be engaging in an activity that muggles seem to find highly enjoyable - an Escape Room! Come prepared with your best wand motions and spells, and make sure you brush up on your Hogwarts trivia!


House Hunters/Scavenger Hunt

Join us as we work through a series of clues to find items on our scavenger hunt - all within our homes! Come prepared with your problem-solving skills; some of the riddles are not what they seem! A separate phone/iPad (for taking pictures of items to be shown to the rest of the group) is recommended.

Israeli Dancing

Get ready for a workout in this high-energy class! We will learn all types of Israeli group dances that are sure to impress at your next Jewish event. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing!

Theatre Games

A wide range of goofy improv and role-playing games gearing toward bringing our silliest selves to life! 

Win or Lose: Snack & Schmooze

A snack-and-games program where everyone provides their own snack and we play a range of games together (some with online generators and some physical/movement games) to let loose and HAVE FUN! Hebrew games included!

Scene Study

This is the program for all the theater lovers out there! We will be working on scences from real Broadway plays and musicals, learning acting techniques, playing advanced improv games, and allowing our creativity to soar!

Broadway Choreography 

Have you ever wanted to learn the original steps to the crazy, wacky SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS dance? Or the original dance of the iconic “Chorus Line” opening number? In this class, we will be breaking down the steps to your favorite iconic Broadway dances. We will learn a different dance each week. Dance suggestions welcome!




Sun, July 5 2020 13 Tammuz 5780